Liz Cheney wants to make sure that her Wyoming constituents understood why she was voting yes on the new Republican healthcare bill.

She was able to get away from the mayhem on the floor of the house Thursday morning to call in to the KGAB morning show.

Earlier that morning a few listeners called in and expressed their concerns that the Republican's second attempt to replace Obamacare would be nothing more than "Obama Care Lite." Rep. Cheney wanted to assure them that it is not.

But how much different is this bill than previous healthcare bill? When printed out it is about half as thick. Rep. Cheney assured the KGAB audience that she has read the entire Trump Care bill, but then admitted that not everyone has, yet they are voting on it.

She said she is voting for Trump Care because of the way it handles with pre-existing conditions. It will also open up the market so customers can shop from a bigger insurance pool nation wide.

Listen to the entire interview with Liz Cheney above.

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