Actor Kevin Costner has thrown his star power behind Rep. Liz Cheney in the fight for Wyoming's lone seat in the House of Representatives.

Wait - WHAT?

While it is true that Cheney is about the most conservative member of the U.S. House she also voted to impeach Donald Trump and now sits on the January 6 committee.

Because of this, she is far enough behind her closest opponent, Harriet Hageman, that she is even asking Wyoming Democrats to "crossover vote" in the upcoming Wyoming Primary.

But... Kevin Costner?

Kevin Costner, who backed radical leftist Democrat Pete Buttigieg during the 2020 Democrat primary,

"Real men put country over party,” Liz Cheney said in a Twitter post on Monday as she shared a photo of Kevin Costner wearing an “I’m for Liz Cheney” T-shirt.

Liz needs help to win this one. If the polls are to be believed, Harriet Hageman is pulling 52 percent of the vote. Whereas Cheney is sitting at only 30 percent. (Although we never recommend trusting the polls).

But it's not like Costner’s endorsements have ever carried much weight politically. He endorsed Mayor Pete Buttigieg during the Democrat primary. That did not end well.

House Select Committee Investigating January 6 Attack On US Capitol Holds First Hearing
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

'The strength he describes isn’t the kind that limits compassion in the name of America,' Costner said of Buttigieg in 2019. 'It’s a man who not only understands how the world looks at us, but how history will and how we ought to look at ourselves. And maybe most importantly, I see Pete as a man of his moment and maybe of his time.'

The endorsement by the actor is interesting to note, but will not carry much weight with the people of Wyoming. They have never really cared much for celebrity endorsements or endorsements in general.

Costner doesn't even make his home in Wyoming and the hit TV show Yellowstone that he stars in takes place on that little sliver of Yellowstone that Montana holds. The Oscar-winning actor actually lives on a 160-acre ranch in Colorado.

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