Gay is O.K.. That according to a statement made by Jeran Artery who chairs a group called Wyoming Equality.  "Being gay is perfectly legitimate reason for being fired in the state of Wyoming." This came out as a panel of members of the gay, lesbian, transgender community spoke out about their experiences at an open floor conference held at Cheyenne's Laramie County Community College.

The panel shared with students, who are struggling with their sexuality, that there is a support system here to help them. Wyoming legislator Cathy Connolly, who is an open gay expert on these manners said, "The idea that something makes you lesbian, gay or bisexual is an idea that we make up."

The panel also included a female, turned male, A.J. McDaniel who is a transgender auto mechanic and his partner Jennifer Mumaugh, who has her master's degree in social work and has been certified in "Student Alliance for Equality Zone training."

The student's asked questions about what religion's accept homosexuals and what the definitions of being a homosexual really are.

If you have a child or student who is confused about who or what they are or what they think their sexual preference is, they may contact Christopher Doyle at 571-379-4546.