For those just learning to paint, Wyoming is the place to come. From the first petroglyphys painted on rocks some 10,000 years ago, to modern art enthusiast trying their newly found talent and still for the first time, Wyoming can offer an endless  supply of topic matter.

While we could focus on some of the best artist out there, this time we offer 5 paintings done before your eyes, by folks who are still in the early stages of their lessons. We hope you enjoy learning along with them.


  • 1

    Painting A Wyoming Creek

    This artist is on location shooting video as he works.

  • 2

    Painting A Picture Of Wyoming

    Who says you can't do it in a coloring book?

  • 3

    Painting Wild Wyoming

    A man and his dogs take to the wilderness to paint.

  • 4

    Brooks Falls

    Several artist gather to paint one topic.

  • 5

    Speed Painting A Pronghorn

    Good work can be done fast with lots of practice.

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