Laramie County School District 1 is developing a plan for schools to reopen with in-person instruction on Aug. 24, Superintendent Dr. Boyd Brown said Tuesday.

Brown says the district is committed to using the Wyoming Department of Education’s three-tiered Smart Start framework, which will be in place depending on county health guidelines.

He says the goal is to open school using Tier I guidelines, which would mean schools are open to students with new health precautions, social distancing and mask use when social distancing is not possible.

Tier II would be a combination of in-person instruction with possible intermittent closures and quarantining of students and staff. Tier III is the full closure of school, similar to what occurred in March.

"Depending on where the community stands with COVID-19, the district will be poised to pivot into each of the tiers depending on need," he said.

Brown says the district is also in the process of developing a virtual K-12 school for parents who don't feel comfortable having their students return for in-person instruction.

He says the plan will be submitted to the Wyoming Department of Education at the beginning of August, and will be released once it's approved.

"We are working to create and implement a plan which best suits the needs of our students, staff and families,” he said. “This is a challenging time, but our goal is to make it happen while keeping safety and health in mind.”


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