The latest state of Wyoming COVID-19 dashboard classifies a spike in cases of the virus as "concerning.''

That rating is being prompted by the fact that Wyoming has seen a spike of 124 new cases in just the last week, a rate that is more than double that of the first week in June. Of particular concern is a spike of 87 new cases in Uinta County.

At least some of that increase has been blamed on a party in which young people did not social distance or take other precautions such as wearing masks. The dashboard overall rates six different metrics for measuring the COVID-19 pandemic in Wyoming, rating each one as ''concerning" ''stabilizing' or ''improving."

The good news in this week's dashboard is that every metric except new cases was rated as either ''stabilizing'' or ''improving." Below is the latest Wyoming COVID-19 dashboard, sent out in an email from Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon's office on Thursday:

Office of Gov. Mark Gordon


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