The UW Top Tier Science Initiative recently visited the psychology classes in the Albany county school district.

A crew from the university came to share information about their research on several projects currently in development at the Initiative. The UW Top Tier Science Initiative is dedicated to improving Wyoming's future by developing a pioneering, diverse skillset in its students.

Part of the Initiative's program includes providing Active Learning Experiences to Wyoming K-12 students. The recent visit to Albany schools is part of the Active Learning Experiences program. At the visits, UW students gave a brief presentation on their research, followed by questions, with the students moving around to stations detailing the presentations.

During the visits, UW students provided engaging science-based activities for K-12 students to enjoy. The activities ranged from using "miracle berries" to change their sense of taste to trying on prism goggles. Other activities included trying to toss a bean bag on a target, participating in memory games, putting labels on animal brains specimens, and moveing robotic arms with electrodes.

For more information on the UW Science Initiative, check out their information page here.

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