A spokesman for the Laramie County Sheriff's Office is warning people about a pair of scams using the Publisher's Clearing House name.

Gerry Luce the first scam features a letter telling the recipient they have won a $1.5 million prize. The letter includes an authentic-looking check for several thousand dollars as well as a phone number of a person who is to be paid "transfer fees" to collect the prize. Luce says that although the check can initially be cashed and payment sent to the contact, the account is false and the victim eventually is responsible for the cashed check.

Luce says the second scam involves a call telling the victim they have won a new car and $450,000. The scammer tells the victim they will go to the victim's house with a lawyer and two U.S. Marshals to present the prize. But first the victim must pay a fee to collect the prize.

This scam asks the victim to purchase a "Green Dot" card and use it to pay the fees. Once the payment is made the victim never hears anything more form the scammer.

Luce says people should always remember they aren't likely to win unsolicited prizes, and legitimate contests won't require payment to collect a prize.


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