State Rep. Bill Henderson [R-Laramie County] says he recently voted against a bill that would ban most gun-free zones in Wyoming because he believes the bill is a "solution looking for a problem."

You can read House Bill 125 here. The proposal was recently approved by the Wyoming House on a vote of 54-7. It now moves on to the Wyoming Senate.

Henderson was one of the seven no-votes on the measure.


Rep. Henderson's Statement

On Thursday he released the following statement on why he voted against the measure:

This bill is a solution looking for a problem. I rarely ascribe to a one-size-fits all approach and when it comes to our school policies, the Legislature has a duty to take great care. I feel it’s important that we empower our schools with authority to make the decisions they know are best for their students and community.”
Henderson pointed to his support of previous legislation that authorizes a board of trustees of a school district to adopt rules, in consultation with local law enforcement, to allow school district employees who hold a valid concealed carry permit to carry a concealed firearm on school district property and in school district facilities.
“As a strong supporter of our Second Amendment Rights, my vote stands on the side of Wyoming schools to make this critical school safety and security choice for themselves. After all, they already have the ability to allow individuals with concealed carry permits to be on school property. The final amendments, offered by the bill sponsor, among others, reaffirms our current state policy with local control for local schools and communities. It’s not good public policy to upend almost eight years of local school safety and security development and training in our school districts.”
“Finally, and importantly, I have heard a great deal from constituents in my district, many working in our schools, who have reservations about this bill. My vote reflects their opposition.”

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As his statement mentions, the bill would allow people with concealed carry permits to carry guns into Wyoming schools. It would also allow people to carry firearms into governmental meetings, ranging from local city council meetings to the Wyoming Legislature.

A permit would not be required to carry a gun into those venues, as Wyoming law allows people legally allowed to own a firearm to carry concealed weapons.

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