The Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department says over 800 new cases of COVID-19 cases were reported in the county last week, one of the largest increases since the pandemic started.

The agency posted this statement on its Facebook page:

Last week, Laramie County had one of the largest increases of cases since the pandemic began. Over 800 new cases were reported; keep in mind, this number does not include at-home rapid testing which continues to grow more prevalent.
Protect yourself and your loved ones. Get tested if you feel sick!
However, it appears that the increase in cases is not yet being reflected in the hospitalization numbers at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.
The hospital on Monday reported the lowest number of COVID hospitalizations in quite some time, according to a graphic posted on Facebook:
May be an image of text that says 'Cheyenne Regional COVID-19 Totals 18 Total hospitalized P 15 NOT VACCINATED 3 FULLY VACCINATED Û 5 In the ICU (includes ICU level patients on other floors) የጥሰጥጥ 5 NOT VACCINATED FULLY VACCINATED PARTIALL VACCINATED 5 On a Ventilator 15 Bed CU ተተተተጥ 5 NOT VACCINATED FULLY VACCINATED 3 Deaths: 1/3/22 1/9/22 NOT ACCINATED FULLY VACCINATED PARTIALLY VACCINATED 19 Discharges: 1/3/22 1/9/22 COVID-19 Patient Length-of-Stay 10 1 Week or longer 2 Weeks or longer 6 1 Month or longer Active Transmission Stage: 10 Non-Active Transmission Stage: 8 CRMC STATUS AS OF 1/10/2022'

The numbers in all three categories were far lower than many reported by the hospital over the past year or so. On December 14, the hospital was reporting 40 people hospitalized with the coronavirus, and at times the number has ranged into the low 50s. Similarly, the number of people on ventilators and in the ICU in the latest CRMC report are among the lowest since the pandemic began.

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