The Wyoming Highway Patrol, Cheyenne Police Department, and Laramie County Sheriff's Office are joining forces for a special DUI enforcement effort through New Year's Day.

The three organizations are participating in the statewide "Drive Sober Or Get  Pulled Over" campaign.

People Who Plan To Drink Urged To Avoid Driving

Those who plan on drinking are being urged to take advantage of one of several options:

- Take public transportation or find someone else to drive you home. Don't risk hurting yourself or others by getting behind the wheel when you've been drinking.


- Use ride-share services like Lyft or Uber instead of driving yourself home after a night out.

- If you see a suspected drunk driver on the road, contact local law enforcement immediately.

Besides the patrol, Cheyenne Police Department spokeswoman Alex Farkas and Laramie County Sheriff's Office spokesman Brandon Warner on Wednesday confirmed that their agencies are joining in the enforcement effort, as are law enforcement agencies across Wyoming.

Drunk driving is a persistent problem in the Cowboy State, with numerous surveys ranking Wyoming as among the worst states for impaired drivers. Despite numerous educational and law enforcement efforts over the years, the problem does not seem to be decreasing according to available information.

10 of Wyoming's Most Dangerous Animals

Wyoming is home to some pretty epic creatures. The pronghorn is the second fastest land animal in the world, second only to the cheetah -- and it's worth noting that while the cheetah can spring faster, the pronghorn can sustain it's top speed much farther. And while we do have plenty of cute and cuddly creatures (llike the nothern saw-whet owl) there are plenty of things that'll kill ya. Might want to think twice about moving here.


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