Laramie County residents who live out in the boonies will soon see deputies out and about patrolling their areas, the Sheriff's Office says.

Community Relations Specialist Brandon Warner says due to a lack of manpower, the Sheriff's Office has been unable to have deputies permanently assigned to these positions the last few years.

But since Sheriff Brian Kozak took office in January, the department has been able to fill many of its open patrol positions.

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Warner says Deputies Cregger, Gutierrez, and Poteet, who were hired through the “Hire the Retired” program, as well as Deputy Konegni will be assigned to the outlying areas of the county.

"Resident deputies will be out enforcing traffic laws, patrolling the far-reaching areas of Laramie County, and responding to and investigating all types of crimes from burglaries to missing livestock," Warner said in a news release.

Warner says with deputies out in the rural areas, response times in those areas, in many cases, will be drastically reduced.

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