Laramie County Commissioner Linda Heath says people need to make sure they have the facts before they vote on items proposed for funding through the sixth-penny sales tax.

Heath says there are misconceptions about the total cost of the items proposed for funding. She says if every item on the ballot were to be approved the total cost would be $118 million.

She adds claims that the cost would be as high as $1 billion, as claimed by a caller to KGAB radio on Monday, are wildly inaccurate.

She says by comparison to this year's proposals, voters in 2012 approved total funding of a little under $138 million.

The commissioner also says that while members of the commission "have our favorites" among the items proposed for funding, they promise to give people an unbiased look at the proposals as well as the costs involved.

Heath says there "are a lot of good projects" on the ballot and says she hopes voters will give them the consideration they deserve before making a decision. The commission will hold an informational meeting tonight  (Tuesday) from 5:30 until 6:30 p.m.  at the Kiwanis Community House in LIons Park on the ballot items.

Heath says similar such meetings will be held again prior to election day on May 2. You can see a sample ballot by clicking here.

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