Courtesy Linda Heath
Courtesy Linda Heath

Laramie County Commissioner Linda Heath says she wonders when "enough is enough" on COVID-19 restrictions.

Townsquare Media of Cheyenne on Saturday asked for her comment on the proposed Laramie County Facemask mandate. The mandate is currently being written by Laramie County Health Officer Dr. Stan Hartman.

His draft is scheduled to be considered by the Laramie County Health Board at a special meeting on Tuesday. If the board approves the mandate, the final decision on whether can be implemented will be made by State Health Officer Dr. Alexia Harrist.

On Friday, Laramie County Commissioners Troy Thompson and Gunnar Malm posted statements in favor of the mandate on Facebook. But Commissioner Heath appears to have a different opinion. Here is the statement she gave Townsquare Media of Cheyenne on Saturday:

''Overall I believe there is more to protecting public health than just the physical body. Five suicides in one week in Laramie County recently. The number of suicides has increased this year. Children learn visually and audibly. Masks prevent both. Local businesses are still suffering financially. On line shopping nation wide has increased exponentially.

People aren't interacting even with smiles. They divert their eyes and look away, masked or not. Immune systems are being depressed, especially in children, personal communication and all that it entails isn't happening. I could go on and on. We need to be taking a serious look at how all these orders are affecting mental health.

Drug overdoses have increased. Behavioral Health facilities are maxed out. Just try to get an appointment or if you need long term intensive care, a bed. Consider the stories families are sharing about being locked out of visitation of elder family members. Pressed noses against the window hardly define personal contact. What happens to dogs who are caged without human interaction? That's what we are doing to our Senior citizens. What are the long term affects going to be on the population? How long will the general public tolerate being told what to do? When do we say enough is enough? What are the indicators that will at last put an end to this craziness?''

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