Community Action of Laramie County has upgraded their services and their looks to better serve the community.

Their new website has changed the look of their website and improved the services they provide.

You'll now find it easier to navigate and find help in family support through their KINSHP program, youth help through their HEAD START initiative, health care clinics open to the public with their CROSSROADS plan, and for those who just need a hand up their SELF SUFFICIENCY page will point anyone in the right direction. They are particularity proud of their local FARMERS MARKET.

To see the changes they have made in person their are several open houses to kick start each update program.

Tuesday February 13th is the open house for KINDSHIP and SELF SUFFICIENCY from 1pm - 4pm at 211 West 19TH st.

HEAD START will hold its open house on Wednesday, February 21st from 8am - 9am at 711 Warren Avenue.

CROSSROADS open house for the health clinic will be held from 3pm - 4pm, Tuesday Febuary 27th at 100 Central Avenue, Suite 100.

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