Work is scheduled to get underway on Tuesday, October 1 on the Lake Minnehaha remediation project in Holliday Park, weather permitting.

The plans include draining the lake and then deepening the lake from about 2.5 feet to around 8 feet at it's deepest point. A new outlet structure is also to be added, and the contractor is expected to remove about 37,000 cubic yards of material from the lake.

City officials say the project will improve the water quality of the lake and make it more sustainable. Park users are being warned to keep an eye out for trucks and other heavy equipment while the work is being done.

The project is expected to take roughly 90 days to complete at a cost of $983, 874. The general contractor for the work is Earth Movers Inc. of Torrington.

City officials also want to implement Phase II of the project, which will include additional remediation measures as well as beautification of the surrounding area, but so far there is no funding or timetable for that work.

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