The KGAB morning show does not have a call screener. That means it's anybody's guess what or who is on the line when the call is put on air.

Because there is no one screening for content morning host Glenn Woods had to come up with a way to make sure that folks did not call more than once per show. That's when he came up with the idea of implementing a $10 fine every time someone broke that rule. Believe it or not several repeat callers actually paid Glenn the $10.

Glenn then began to fine people for various other "On Air Infractions."  Using "irregardless" as a word, for example, was a $20 fine.

One morning a caller suggested lining up charitable organizations that callers could donate to when Glenn slapped them with a fine. "Great idea," Glenn said. Let's do it.

Now listeners to the KGAB morning show can break the rules and use it as an excuse to donate to a local charity.

Please check out the new KGAB On Air Infraction web page, and be prepared to pay through the nose, for a good cause.

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