Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says volunteers for city boards are an integral part of city operations.

City officials are currently looking for volunteers to serve on the Downtown Development Authority Board and the Mayor's Council on Disabilities. Those are only two of the city boards that are staffed by volunteers, and the mayor says such boards offer residents a real chance to make a difference in city operations and the quality of life in Cheyenne.

The DDA board oversees efforts to develop the downtown business area of the city. The DDA has a paid director and staff, but the board that oversees it is made up of volunteers, and Kaysen says that agency has an impact on the city that goes beyond the borders of downtown in terms of the health of the local economy.

The Mayor's Council on Disabilities deals with issues affecting people with disabilities, including such things as transportation, building and street access and a number of similar issues. The deadline for applying for the openings on the DDA board and the Disabilities Council  is July 15th,

Numerous other city boards also periodically have openings for volunteers, and the mayor says without public-minded people willing to serve on those boards, city operations would be both more expensive and less effective than they are.