Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says he has concerns about a bill making its way through the Wyoming Legislature that would allow people to carry concealed weapons into city council meetings and other public meetings around the state.

"It's a very controversial bill," said Kaysen. "I do not understand why guns have to be brought in to be able to conduct the public's business."

The bill's sponsor, Representative Kendell Kroeker, R-Evansville, says he wants people to be able to defend themselves if an armed criminal comes in seeking to do them harm.

Kaysen says while he respects the Second Amendment, he also respects the right to conduct business without the public fear of weapons being present.

The House on Tuesday voted down an amendment that would have allowed local governments to opt out. Kaysen says he's doubtful the Senate will try to add any such amendments.

"With the temperature of the day, I'm not sure that's going to be an option that would be recognized," said Kaysen.

Joy Greenwald, Townsquare Media
Joy Greenwald, Townsquare Media

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