It's seems to always come sooner than later. It's that time again to spring ahead as you set your clocks an hour ahead for Day Light Savings Time this weekend.  Many people are torn this time of year. Some like the idea of Daylight Savings Time, while others wish someone would make up their mind and go with one time either one way or another.

Daylight Savings Time has been in place since at least World War I. At that time, it was an idea to help conserve fuel that was needed to provide and produce electric power. The act was to preserve daylight and to provide a standard time for those living in the United States.

So whether or not you like it, it is here. So, if you would, please make sure you turn your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed on Saturday night, March 7, 2015. I think you'll appreciate it when you show up for work on Monday.