UPDATE: The Wyoming Senate on Monday voted down Senate File 125 by a 22-8 margin.

Almost 3/4 of those responding to an online Townsquare Media Wyoming poll conducted over the weekend say the support a bill in the legislature that would keep Wyoming on Daylight Savings Time year-round.

Of those responding to the online survey, 74.7 percent agreed with Senate File 125.

Just under 9 percent of respondents said they like the current system of time changes twice a year.

Almost 16 percent said the legislature shouldn't be "wasting time" on the time change issue when the state faces other major issues.

Supporters of the bill say the twice-a-year time change causes accidents and lower productivity and say keeping one schedule year-round would eliminate that.

Opponents say the change would be bad for businesses in the state by putting them on a different schedule than businesses in surrounding states.

The survey was conducted over the weekend at Townsquare Media in Cheyenne and Casper.

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