Ever heard of cabin fever? It's what happens when a person stays inside a small house all winter and never go out. They go crazy.

In Wyoming's early days, folks went crazy and even died due to cabin fever. The only cure was to do something crazy.

How about Skijoring! It's as crazy as it sounds.

Skijoring combines skiing, horses, and barrel racing. It's kinda like water skiing because the skier is being pulled behind the horse, and lets add...this explanation is getting out of hand.

Imagine a ski jumping and slalom propelled by a galloping horse. That's a little closer.

Skijoring combines high-speeds, big-air jumps and a lot of pain if someone screws up. But it's better than suffering from cabin fever.

If you want to see this crazy event in person then be sure to be in Jackson Wyoming February 10-11 2018. 

The only way to beat winter crazy, is to be crazy in the winter.

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