Warmer weather brings two of my favorite things to Cheyenne - rodeo and Indian Tacos. While we have to wait a bit longer for rodeo here in the capital city, we don't have to wait too long for Indian Tacos. Last night, Oompah Tacos announced they'd be returning next month.

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There goes my lunch budget...

Indian Tacos Return to Cheyenne

Chances are, you've probably at least heard of Indian Tacos if you've been to Cheyenne Frontier Days. (If you haven't made it to CFD, you should visit at least once! It's a quintessential part of the Cheyenne experience.)

If you missed the memo on Indian Tacos, picture all the toppings of a beef taco - beans, beef, tomato, the whole shebang - but on top of a deep-fried cloud of Navajo frybread. It's a mouthwatering food fantasy that I firmly believe everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. But, of course, once you have it, you'll want way more than just one.

Mark Your Calendars for May 4!

In addition to celebrating May the 4th Be With You Day, you can also celebrate the return of Oompah Tacos at their usual haunt - Tuskers Bar on the corner of Pershing Blvd. and Ridge Rd.

Oompah hasn't posted its 2023 hours yet, but the stop is usually open from around 11 a.m. until 8 p.m.

What Is Navajo Frybread?

Indian Taco recipes usually use an unyeasted flatbread called Navajo Frybread (or just Frybread.) The origins of frybread date back to 1864, when the Navajo people were forced to relocate from their ancestral lands in Southern Colorado, Northern New Mexico, and Northern Arizona. During this period, called 'The Long Walk' by the Navajo, the government gave the tribe staples of flour, sugar, and lard. Out of these ingredients, the frybread was born.

Over the last century, Frybread has become a culturally significant and revered symbol in many indigenous tribes. Smithsonian Magazine described the phenomena "as a symbol of Native pride and unity." Author Sherman Alexie immortalized the bread in his film 'Smoke Signals' and called frybread "the story of our survival."

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