Who doesn't want a cabin by a river, or a lake, or within view of one of Wyoming's beautiful mountain chains, on a mountain?

The problems with owning a cabin are many.

Upkeep is expensive and time-consuming.

More utilities and taxes to pay.

Many cabin owners have to spend a lot of money keeping the road to their place usable.

Mice, and other critters getting into the place.

Then there is always having to vacation in the same place.

But what if I told you that you actually own cabins all over Wyoming that you can use any time you want?

You don't have to worry about upkeep, utilities, rodents, or taxes.

Those issues are somebody else's problem.

Between public and private rentals there are affordable cabins all over the state.

I know because I use them all the time.

Here is a picture of a cabin I rented at Devils Tower, with a beautiful view of the tower.

Devils Tower KOA Photo By Tim Mandese
Devils Tower KOA Photo By Tim Mandese

Do you think that's something, you should have seen the one I rented in Wind River Canyon. It was bigger than the Devil's Tower cabin, and right in the canyon, with the river below and the high walls above.

Most of these cabins are cheap to rent, and low maintenance

All they ask is that you leave the cabin the way you found it.

You'll need to bring your own bedsheets and pillows.

After renting a few places like this I realized, I can have a cabin almost anywhere I want, without all the headaches.

The beauty is that most people never think about this option.

So while these cabins do get rented, there is always plenty of opportunities to snag one for yourself, each season.

Boysen State Park Cabin Wind River Canyon
Boysen State Park Cabin Wind River Canyon

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