Honestly, we can't be any more clear about this.

Each year Wyomingites wonder why these tourists don't get the message.

We have done EVERYTHING we can to warn them.

This morning I came across a flyer that is handed out to people as they drive through the gate.

Have a look and see if you think this is clear enough.

It even comes with a graphic image based on real events.

Do you get the message?


That drawing has actually happened more than once.

But okay, what else can we do?

The above flyer is graphic.

Let's try a sense of humor.

Here is one that was put out a few years ago that will make people laugh, but, hopefully, make them think at the same time.

It's a chart showing WHERE to pet a bison.

attachment-bison petting chart

Apparently, flyers don't do SQUAT!

So, let's try being BLUNT!

Let's put up a sign right where the animals are.

Sort of an in-your-face approach.

Let's put the word DANGER! in big bright red letters.

But no, even this does not stop these people.

attachment-Park Service Danger Bison

Tourists watch TV, right?

Fine, then while they are in their hotel rooms or maybe watching in their camper we will run local public service announcements talking about the dangers of approaching wild animals in or out of the park.

That will... never mind. No, it won't.

The only thing left is to hire a bunch of people to and along the trails, holding up signs and yelling, "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!"

Though I'm sure that will only have a  mild effect.

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