Some who have never been to Wyoming laugh when they pull into a town and see the population sign.

Population 15? 

Are you KIDDING?

Yup, that can be a typical Wyoming town.

Located in the North Eastern section of Wyoming is the tiny town of Aladdin.

Don't take the interstate, you'll never find it.

But, then again, traveling the back highways in this part of the country is actually the point of coming out here.

Aladdin is near the Black Hills, and Devil's Tower.

The only thing to see in town is... the store.

YUP, just one store.

But you'll love it.

Enjoy a cold soda on the front porch, sit on the liar’s bench, and tell lies.

Don't miss out on exploring the upstairs antique store.

You'll find clothing, jewelry, souvenirs, and gifts.

During the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the Aladdin General store comes alive with motorcyclists' food and music.

At one time Aladdin, Wyoming had about 20 houses built and owned by the railway and standing at the end of the rail line.

Bill Robinson built the Aladdin General Store in 1896 using lumber from Pearson Sawmill.

At that time the store had every, including a saloon, a post office, a train depot, a barbershop, a freight station, a gas station, plus anything else the store owner thought people might need.

The railroad kept the store running for a long time.

The drive to the tiny town is BEAUTIFUL!

Stop to explore, eat some ice cream and decide which direction you want to go from there.

There really is no wrong answer.

You'll find something no matter which way you go.


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