As most folks across Wyoming and other Western states have just experienced, we have had our first official snow event that was not just in the higher altitudes.

They were a bit late this year, but Canada has officially tested their snow and winter machine, and all seems to be in working order.

They really had that machine going last winter, didn't they?

Western states experiencing a drought that had lasted several years are now fully out of that drought as reservoirs filled to, or nearly to, capacity.

The question folks in America have been asking is how strong of a winter will we have this year?

Regional weatherman Don Day, of Day Weather, recently released a video of what meteorologists think might happen in the winter of 2023/24.

Or, what EVIL Canada might be up to.

The video below has this winter's forecast.

The prediction is an "active winter season across North America."

Almost everybody will have a good winter. It will not be focused on the West.

You'll see in this winter prediction a cooler and more active fall.

We might be looking at below-average temperatures.

The prediction of a lot of snow is a good thing, but not as much snow as last year.

Watch for an occasional "polar vortex" pushing extreme cold our way.

attachment-Don Day weather winter forecast 23 24

DISCLAIMER: All meteorologists can do is look at trends and deduce what might happen.

Timing on when weather events might happen is difficult

Weather models are tools, not reality.

Keep in mind Don Day tends to use the phrase "Above Normal," or "Below Normal," when what he really means is above or below recorded average, which has nothing to do with what is "normal."

There are other times you hear him talking about recorded averages.

He tends to interchange these phrases. I've asked him about that and he said that he meant to say "recorded average."

Averages have nothing to do with what is supposed to be.

attachment-2 Don Day weather winter forecast 23 24

What is "normal" is an ever-changing climate.

Nothing ever stays the same when it comes to climate and weather.

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