We have our own ways of living here in Wyoming. The climate and politics make a living here unique. Wyoming is beautiful, rugged, and truly a place of its own. Some outsiders may not understand the wisdom of why we do the things we do. The locals get it.

Last week we asked our Facebook followers what is something we do in Wyoming that people in other states would find strange. You had a pleasing number of answers. A lot of the responses were related to the weather. The cold and wind shape our lives just as it erodes the landscape. We joke about it, but it is a fact.

One of the top responses was WHY. Why the heck would anyone want to live in Wyoming? You may have been asked this while visiting friends or family out of state. I know I have. Sometimes people don't understand the beauty of the prairie. Some people must be at least 5 miles from a Starbucks at any time. With snow measured in feet and not inches, I have to ask myself from time to time why. Some like the open space and lack of bumper-to-bumper traffic. Some people don't like the crowds, pollution, or crime of big cities. I don't know. Maybe that's why.

Warning People Don't Understand Why Wyomingites Do These Things

Perspective is everything. Floridians worry about falling iguanas when it gets cold. Here in Wyoming, the subarctic template and hurricane-force winds are just another day. This is a list generated from listener responses to the question: What is something people from other states find odd that we do in Wyoming? Yeah, this is how we roll.

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