A lot of Cheyenne residents want to see a new eatery that isn't part of a chain open in the city, according to the results of a Townsquare Media online reader/listener poll conducted over the past week.

Over 400 readers responded to the poll. We started by posing a question on the KGAB Facebook page about what new eatery people want to see open locally. We received a long list of nominees. In the interest of brevity and clarity, we took the top half-dozen restaurants named by readers and included them in our poll. But since so many other restaurants were named, we also allowed people to write in their own favorite under 'other."

The other category ended up being the top single vote-getter in our poll.

A long list of eateries was mentioned. Some of the most common write-ins included El Pollo Loco, In-and-Out Burger, Noodles and Company, and Runza.

''Anything that isn't part of a chain" garnered a lot of support in our poll. Based on the poll results, a lot of folks like the idea of a local restaurant, presumably owned and run by local people with their own menu.

Among chains that were named in the poll, Golden Corral came out on top. Cheyenne once had a Golden Corral, and it seems a lot fo people would like to see it back.

Here are the Poll Results

Here are the results of our online poll, listed by vote percentage and total votes.

Vote Count

Other 19.00% 80

G-Anything that isn't part of a chain 18.29% 77

A-Golden Corral 14.96 63

E-Cracker Barrel 10.93% 46

D-Fuzzy's Tacos 10.93% 46

C-Raising Canes 9.74 41

F-Red Robin 9.26% 39

B-Long John Silvers 6.89% 29

Total Votes421
As a followup, our next poll will be similar. We are going to ask what type of business you would like to see open in Cheyenne. Once again, we are going to take nominees on our Facebook page, and follow that up by listing the top vote getters in an online poll.

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