We've all heard the expression that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about a sound? Sometimes sounds can speak volumes. Songs can convey deep emotions. A baby's laugh or a grumble of a hungry belly can tell a story.

What if you were to pick a sound to represent a city in Wyoming? What would be the theme song for Casper? Cheyenne? Or Jackson? On TikTok, user @lace1312 has done just that, and it is hilariously accurate.

There are two parts of "Wyoming as sounds," where Lace has picked a song or a sound for a few select towns. The first part has over 49k views, and the second has over 140k views. That shows how quality her picks are.

What are the sounds of Wyoming? Jackson's song is Be You by Meghan Trainor. I couldn't think of a better song choice. The song for Saratoga is Big Green Tractor by Jason Aldean. Cody is Fancy Like by Walker Hays. Buford Wyoming population of 1 has the sound of crickets chirping. As for Casper, it gets the sounds of honking cars stuck in traffic.

As someone who has lived in downtown Denver, I find it odd that Casper is known for traffic, but I can see why someone from a small country town in Wyoming would think that. It still made me laugh.

If I were to pick a song or sound for Casper, I think I'd go for something different. I was thinking like Luke Bryan's Most People of Good. Or maybe the sound of the wind. Yeah, it would just be the roaring sound of the wind. What would you pick?


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