We're just beginning to touch the 40's at night in most places in Wyoming. In other places there's already been below freezing temperatures and snow has fallen.

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, but winter is coming.

We've talked before about being prepared inside your home, by restocking your emergency kits (car & home), rations and having water on-hand. How about outside, under and around your home? Now is a great time to start working ahead and having your home ready to go before that first big freeze.

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Drew Kirby, TSM

What are some things you should start thinking about now to prepare for winter?

Since we're still warmer during the day, it makes it a perfect time to start doing those things around the house that will benefit you when winter comes knocking.

Check and protect your indoor pipes - A burst pipe could cost you thousands to fix, so going around and using pipe insulation to wrap pipes that are exposed and could freeze. Think under your sinks, basements, along exterior walls and crawl spaces.

Outside Water - Drain your hoses, sprinklers, shut off outdoor water supplies and turn on the outdoor spigot to ensure the pipe is empty.

Adding Insulation To Attic/Crawl Space - Heat rises, by having good insulation, you'll help keep the heat in your living space. Doing a couple things, keeping your home warmer and potentially keeping your heating bill lower.

Clean/Maintain Chimney and Furnace - If you've not had a fire all summer, there's a good chance your chimney has been housing critters or is full of debris. Heating sources are some of the biggest sources of home fires, so having yours serviced annually will lower the chances of a fire in your home.

Check your windows - Installing storm windows, adding plastic to keep cold out & warm air in and caulking any cracks around the windows will make a huge difference.

Roof Maintenance - This summer we've had some wicked storms and lots of rain, there may have been some damage to shingles or vents on your roof. Pressure from a heavy snow can cause a loose shingle to shift and could let moisture seep into your home. Vents that have been damaged can also let water in.

Clear the gutters - This one should be one of the final preparation tasks you do, to make sure the leaves that are going to fall aren't the cause of your problems. Clear gutters allow water to drain and not freeze.

Tree Limb Maintenance - Limbs that are dead or damaged can be weak during a heavy snowfall or wind and may snap under pressure. That could cause even more headaches, like damage to your house, roof, vehicles or even family.

Creating a Winter Prep Checklist and crossing them off as you go can be a big help.

Make sure you're up to speed on keeping those pipes in good shape and making sure the whole family knows what to do if the pipes freeze.

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