Let's take a minute and flashback to 2020.

Not for the reasons you think, but in 2020, Luke Combs joined Steven Rinella from MeatEater near Douglas, Wyoming, for an Antelope hunt. That hunt was videoed and eventually made its way to Netflix as the first episode of Season 10 of MeatEater.

When you're a country music singer, you rarely don't have a guitar within arm's reach, and it just so happens that when Luke was in hunting camp, that was the case. As the group was kicking back, having a couple of cold ones, Luke grabbed that guitar and began playing the title track to his first album, 'This One's For You.'

Also on the hunt with Luke were brothers Dan and Reid Isbell, also known as The Brother's Hunt. They are songwriters from Nashville and host a podcast called "God's Country," Luke was their guest on a recent episode.

During that trip, memories were made, antelope were harvested, and they had quite a bonding moment with the Cowboy State. 

In honor of Luke, Dan, and Reid on the podcast, Steven shared the video of Luke's hunting camp performance video.

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Since this video was filmed in mid-2020, Luke Combs has had multiple number-one hits, sold multi-platinum albums, and sold out concert venues worldwide.

Luke Combs Hunting In Wyoming with MeatEater

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