I like to think that I'm a strong individual who isn't easily persuaded. Then, I scroll through social media and spend 20 minutes contemplating whether I will buy everything I've seen on Instagram.

We've all been there, scrolling through, looking at pictures, and BOOM, there's a flashlight I NEED to buy. Or, you've been considering getting a new tent, and an ad for an inflatable camper shell for your truck is mixed in your feed.

When you live in Wyoming and enjoy adventuring, you could always use an extra flashlight, and who wouldn't want to be able to inflate a tent to keep you dry and out of the elements on a camping trip?

It's me; hi, I'm the problem, it's me. (Yes. That's a Taylor Swift reference).

Since I spent a lot of time researching and scoping out the items, I see these types of ads ALL OF THE TIME now. I understand that's how it works, but you'll know the fuss once you check out the stuff I was looking at.

Imagine being on a camping trip or needing to change a tire on your truck and needing a little extra light.

Sure, you're tough, but no one likes to be wet and miserable when it's snowing or raining, so get flated.





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Hearing protection is important when enjoying shooting in Wyoming...I swear it was the hearing protection that attracted me to this ad.





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Have you ever been on a hike, side-by-side, or horseback riding trip and decided you wanted to camp out? You're going to need one of these too.





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Do you see what I'm talking about? These are things we all need. Dang you, Instagram.

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