Big name feature movies with big name actors will get our attention when they come to the theaters. But what about those small independent movies that never make it to our local theaters?

Some are great. Some just suck. In the middle, are the ones that deserve a look just because someone took a risk in making it.

Here are a few short independent movies about Wyoming you can watch for free on YouTube.

  • 1

    Filmmakers' Choice Award 2012 Wyoming Short Film Contest Western Wandering

    Mark Pedri takes his camera and the essentials into the desert of Wyoming to ride 700 miles in search of the one thing that defines his state. Winner of the 2012 Filmmakers' Choice Award in the Wyoming Short Film Contest.

  • 2

    Frequency Modulation

    Frequency Modulation is a short independent documentary about 97.7 The Bronc, the only high school radio station in Wyoming.

  • 3

    Innocence Lost (Documentary)

    This documentary focuses on the 1973 murder and rape in Casper, Wyoming, whose victims were 18-year-old Becky Thomson and her 11-year-old sister, Amy Burridge.

  • 4

    Women & Girls Of Wyoming

    Today's women of Wyoming are as resilient, diverse, and inspirational as the open plains and rugged mountains of the state they call home. This film, from documentary filmmaker Leigh Reagan, was an entry in the 2009 Wyoming Short Film Contest.

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