A bill that would require the phrase ''In God WeTrust'' to be displayed in Wyoming public school classrooms and state government buildings has won introduction in the Wyoming House of Representatives on a 44-16 vote.

House Bill 133 says the motto "shall be displayed prominently" along with the U.S. and Wyoming state flag. The bill would apply to the Wyoming Capitol Building, any other buildings occupied by a state governmental agency, and classrooms across Wyoming. The bill's primary sponsor is Rep. Cheri Steinmetz [R-Goshen County].

Because the bill is a non-budget item being proposed during a budget session of the legislature, it needed a 2/3 majority vote to be introduced. It cleared that hurdle by a four-vote margin on Wednesday and was referred to the House Minerals, Business, and Economic Development Committee.

It still faces a long road to approval, as it must pass a committee vote and three readings in the house before going through the same procedure in the Senate.

If the bill survives that process it would then be sent to Governor Matt Mead, who would have the option of vetoing the bill.

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