Is street racing in Wyoming legal? No!

The other question has to be, when it happens, who's going to know?

There are so many long roads out in the middle of nothing in our state it is just about impossible for street racers to get caught.

So, yes, it happens. Also, yes people are taking video of their races and posting them on YouTube. Makes you wonder if that helps them get caught.

Here are a few of the best street racing videos we could find you YouTube.


  • 1

    WYCO Cash Days

    This is a legal race. You'll love the hot cars that came out for the event.

  • 2

    Night Time Lights

    It's dark. Location unknown, other than they are in Wyoming. It is highly illegal.

  • 3

    The Edge Of Town Race

    It's obvious this race is at the edge of a town. Location unknown.

  • 4

    Where Are The Cops?

    This is in the middle of a Wyoming town. Cars, pedestrians, and engines roaring.

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