A bill that could have eventually led to making Interstate 80 a toll road is Wyoming is probably dead for this session after failing an introductory vote.

Senate File 6 was voted down 18-11 on Tuesday on an introductory vote. The bill was sponsored by the Joint Highways, Transportation and Military Affairs Committee.

An individual lawmaker could still choose to re-file the bill, but since it needed a 2/3 majority for introduction and fell well short of even a simple majority, that probably isn't likely.

All non-budget bills need a 2/3 majority for introduction in a budget session of the legislature such as the 2020 session.  There is no such requirement for general sessions of the legislature, such as the 2021 Wyoming Legislature.

The idea of making I-80 a toll road has been discussed for at least a decade. But the idea is deeply unpopular with the trucking industry, among others.

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