A crowd of several hundred women, men and children braved cold temperatures and threatening skies Saturday morning in Cheyenne for the second Annual Women's March On Wyoming.

Marchers paraded from the Cheyenne Depot Plaza, up Capitol Avenue to the Wyoming Supreme Court Building where they posed for photos before marching back up Capitol for presentations from several speakers, including state Rep. Cathy Connolly (D-Albany County), Sara Burlingame of Wyoming Equality, and several others.

As the crowd marched they chanted slogans including ''Women's rights are human rights" and "This is what diversity looks like, this is what Wyoming looks like."

Marchers carried signs criticizing President Trump and in favor of women's rights, LGBTQ rights, universal healthcare, a single-payer healthcare system, and a variety of other progressive issues. Burlingame, who was one of the march said it was about "women raising their voices''  and the march slogan was "hear our votes."

Burlingame said marchers were ''pretty angry about what is happening in the White House" under President Trump. The Cheyenne event was held in conjunction with other marches around the state and across the country.

A Cheyenne Police officer on the scene estimated the crowd at about "500 people, give or take."

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