According to the forecast a rather big winter storm will cover Wyoming on Monday, 01/21/19. Unlike our friends in The South, Wyomingites are not taken by surprise, and know exactly what to do.

1). Make sure there is plenty of dog food. (Check)

2). Make sure there is plenty of beer, or other adult libations. (Check).

3). Pizza on speed dial. (Check).

4). Netflix paid up. Movies saved (Check).

5). List of jokes and foul remarks to make about people who don't know how to drive in bad winter weather. (Check).

6). Something for the kids to do so parents don't have have a screaming fit. (Check).

7). Charge all devices that need to be charged, especially the devices that will keep the kids busy. (Refer to #6). (Check).

8). List of excuses to tell the boss why you can't make it to work. (Check).

9). List of jokes about Southerners who don't know how to handle weather that is no were near as bad as this. (CHECK).

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