Not many hunters can say they have ever bagged a Jackalope. The frisky beast is one of the few small creatures that might actually hunt the hunter back. In fact the jackalope is a vegetarian that strangely enough loves to hunt for sport. The state of Wyoming was going to reintroduce the wolf back to the Douglas area, but then they realized that the jackalope would just hunt the wolf out of existence once again.

According to hunting lore, never hunt during a thunderstorm. Jackalope make during a flash of lighting, and mating, apparently, takes only that long. They also kill in a flash of lighting, and killing something, or someone, only takes that long.

So if you are going jackalope hunting this year, remember, tell people where you are going, bring a buddy, make sure you have updated your last will and testament, and have fun.

Jackalope hunting season takes place on June 31st. So you might wonder why we are posting this article now. The answer is that you will need that much time to get in shape and that the line of people wanting to get a licence is that long.

Click here to apply for a Jackalope Hunting Licence.


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