It is common for people who have never been to Wyoming to look at our small towns and wonder, what do they do for fun out here?

When it gets bad enough finding a rock to play with can be a good time. It just takes imagination.

Here are a few of the ways Wyomingites find fun in their small towns.

1). Go to Walmart. The people watching is never ending entertainment. It can be a problem if you realize that the people are watching you. For those Wyoming towns that do not have any big box stores waiting for the neighbors to walk by will have to do.

2). Local school sporting events. People in Wyoming small towns love them. Partly for the game. Party to meet with folks from other small Wyoming towns. Mostly because the people watching can be as much fun as Walmart.

3). Go to the old town drug store and look at the stuff that is still on the shelf after 40 plus years.

4). Talk about the businesses that should be in town but are not. Then realize that if all those businesses came to town the place would become a city, and no one wants that.

5). Be on every town government, church, civic club committee. Doing so provides the legal right to gossip out loud about everyone rather than saying it behind their backs.

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