We get it. Wyoming roads are a bit different than what you are used to. It seems as if the rules are a little different out here.

For those that are visiting Wyoming this summer and driving across our state for the first time, here are a few handy road rules to remember.

1). The speed-limit on Wyoming interstates is 80 mph. The left lane is for warp speed only.

2). A sign that reads "Open Range" does not mean that someone is cleaning their oven. It means that if you don't watch out your vehicle might get head butted by something that thinks you are in the way. Remember, you are in the way, not the cows.

3). When you see something interesting don't slow down to enjoy it, pull over and enjoy it.

4). Yes, that farmer pulled his tractor right out in front of you just to piss you off. We advise you don't do anything to piss him off.

5). This may sound funny to someone from out of state, but, if you are driving to the next town, just up the road, you better make sure you have a full tank.

6). Three cars in a row is heavy traffic. Stop laughing, it is too.

BONUS TIP: We don't care how you drive back home. Just keep that in mind.

Now, go have a great time. Welcome to Wyoming.

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