Down through the West canyon of the Big Horn Mountains on Highway 16. It's 26 miles east of Worland on US 16. There are several stories as to how this small town got its name. It is just a matter of which direction you are coming from.

The first story claims that Ten Sleep came from the Indians' reference to a ford across the creek, on the old Bridger Trail, as being 10 days (sleeps) journey from Fort Laramie, or maybe from Yellowstone.

The other story says it was a 10 day trip, or 10 sleeps, from Casper.

Each version of the story is the same except the direction that one might be coming from to get to Ten Sleep.

Ten Sleep has not changed too much in the past 100 years. Sure it has paved roads and electricity, but most of the original ranches are still there, owned and operated by the original families.

Since it is at the West end of the Bighorn mountains there is plenty to do for those who love the Wyoming outdoor life.

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