Agencies all across the country, including the Laramie County Sheriff's Office, will be collecting unneeded medications this Saturday, Oct. 28, as part of the Drug Enforcement Administration's National Prescription Drug Take Back Day.

Public Information Officer Brandon Warner says deputies will be at Laramie County Fire District #2 at 5800 N. College Drive and in front of the Town Hall in Burns from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Warner says the purpose of the event is to allow citizens to safely dispose of unused or unwanted prescription drugs in an environmentally safe manner and keep those drugs out of the hands of unauthorized people or kids.

He says no illegal drugs, sharps, thermometers, oxygen containers, radioactive materials, pressurized canisters, or chemotherapy drugs will be accepted.

The Sheriff's Office has taken in more than 2,300 pounds of unneeded medications, ranging from over-the-counter drugs to narcotic prescription pills and liquids, since the program's inception.

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