How far would you drive for the best burger in Wyoming?

North East of Cheyenne Wyoming, up highway 85 is the tiny, tiny, very tiny, town of Hawk Springs. Located in Goshen County, with a population of just 45 people. Blink and you'll blow right past the Longbranch Steakhouse & Saloon where their sign brags about the best burgers.

That's quite a claim. So many restaurants across Wyoming say they hold the title. But who actually holds the trophy?

It has been my experience that the best food and the best people can often be found in the middle of nowhere, just west-northwest of nothing. So I decided to pull over and give Longbranch Steakhouse & Saloon a try.

The waitress was quick to the table. But we had plenty of time to get to know the folks at the tables near us while we waited. It turns out that waiting was not a bad thing. The regulars were great people, and the reason the food took so long to get to us was because the time and care they took cooking it.

I ordered the Longbranch burger. The meat was grilled to perfection. The cheese was melted just right and they even grilled the bun, flawlessly. Order the waffle fries. They are amazing.

We were too full to order desert, though that menu looked as impressive as their burger menu.

If you need a place to walk off that lunch Hawk Springs reservoir is just south on the highway with a rookery that raises such birds as the blue hearing, the gadwall, pintail, wood duck, and great horned owl. There is plenty of fishing, hiking, and camping.

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