The show 'Yellowstone' has become a cultural phenomenon in its four seasons that it has been running for so far. And with the setting of the show being so near and at times in the state of Wyoming (train station), as well as the western region taking on a relatable atmosphere on the show, it's become extremely popular in and around the Cowboy State. Someone made a Tiktok video that seems like it's an accurate depiction of how any Wyomingite my prepare to watch an episode of 'Yellowstone'.

If you have seen any episodes of 'Yellowstone' up to this point, you know that it can be a pretty intense show. And if you're caught up with the show as it progresses through each season, then you already know how the intensity continues to up the ante as we go deeper into the story each season so far.

One Tiktok user showed just about what the intensity level is for each season as you continue to keep watching the hit show. And it is also likely that pretty much anyone in Wyoming that watches the show has a similar approach before each episode of each season comes on. Enjoy...

I think just about any Wyomingite who watches 'Yellowstone' has that same pre-show feeling before each episodes. If it weren't for the Texas Star decoration on the wall, I would think for sure that this video was done in Wyoming, and who knows, maybe it was.

But the video was certainly an accurate depiction of the intensity level of each show, along with a fantastic cosplay of Rip Wheeler to finish it off.

Production on the next season begins in May. We definitely can't wait to see what 'Yellowstone' brings us in Season 5.

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