Back in 1973 the federal government sent the national speed limit to 55 mph. This was done because of a fuel embargo coupled with data that showed vehicles are most fuel efficient at 55 mph.

At the time Wyoming was not interested in what it saw as such a slow speed, considering how long the state highways were. But not complying would mean loosing federal funding for highways.

Wyoming lowered the speed limit, like all the other states. But rules are made to be bent.

Off the record, anyone with a Wyoming licence plate was allowed to go much faster, as long as they were not driving erratically. Out of state licence plates had a much higher risk of being pulled over and ticketed.

The video above shows how speed limits are set around the nation. There is a lot of data that goes into picking the right number.

The video below is from WYDOT. It shows why speeds vary around the state, depending on where the road is and the seasonal conditions.

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