Wyoming has the 3rd highest suicide rate in the nation. Many factors might play into this. Is altitude one of them?

The university of Utah hired a researcher, Michael Staley, to dig into the cause of such a high suicide rate., Utah ranks fifth in the nation. After spending some time in the state Mr. Staley reached some interesting conclusions.

The theory is that low atmospheric pressure at altitude causes declining blood oxygen levels. These conditions effect serotonin, the chemical that helps regulate mood. This would also lead to low oxygen running through the brain.

“People with depression tend to have less efficient energy utilization in certain parts of their brain, like the prefrontal cortex,” said Brent Kious, a U. psychiatry professor and the review’s lead author. This energy roadblock, he said, means people have a tougher time overcoming negative emotions.

There is never just one reason why someone might commit suicide. We should look at all the possibilities if we want to solve this problem. This might more thing to consider.

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