Slang terms are always evolving throughout the years and we can old do so much to keep up, regardless of our age. As for me, I'm a Millennial. It's not so tough to keep up with the younger folk of Gen Z. However, there's a big reason why the phrasing 'OK Boomer' took off like wildfire as soon as it was introduced into culture. Unfortunately for Boomers, Gen Z tends to think that some of them are out of touch, especially in terms of how the slang have evolved so much. So how well do 'Boomers' in Wyoming know Gen Z slang?

Luckily, there's an app for that! Just kidding. But there is a quiz that was recently done by the insurance company, 'Coventry Direct'. They recently did a survey to test the knowledge of 1,000  American Boomers, age 55 to 75, to see just how well they know Gen Z slang. The Boomers were tested with 33 different terms.

An example of such terms were:

  • Ghosting
  • Canceled
  • Karen
  • GOAT
  • Fire
  • Extra
  • Basic
  • Lowkey
  • I'm dead

As for what term Boomers were most familiar with, 'That's lit', is what took the top spot for what Boomers know as 96.9 percent knew that one. That was followed percentage-wise by Ghosting, Get that bread, Canceled, and Slay. Karen came right after the top five. 'That's lit' means something's really good, intense, fun, exciting, etc. for the three percent who didn't know what that is.

The bottom five on the list consisted of Pull up, Living rent-free, Simp, No cap, and I'm dead. Honestly, I was pretty shocked at 'I'm dead' coming in last. Only 36.4 percent of Boomers knew that slang term. That, of course, means that someone is dying from laughter. So if someone sends you that, they're not actually dead given that they just sent you a message saying that. Do not fear the worst.

You can check the list to see just how well Boomers know Gen Z slang by clicking here. You can use that to look up those terms if you don't know them and then you'll have your Gen Z cheat sheet. It never hurts to keep up with the times, Wyoming!

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