Honestly, this is a heartbreaking story. The purpose here is to put it into perspective.

The owner of a missing service dog in northwest Wyoming has put up a $20,000 reward for its return.

Declan is yellow lab who is about 5-years-old. He has been missing for about two weeks.

The owner is a sweet little old lady who needs Declan to help her around the house. Besides being sweet and loving, he is remarkably well-trained.

Declan can open and close doors, open the fridge and retrieve items then close the door, and turn on and off lights.

Let's compare that to having kids. Kids know how to turn on lights but have absolutely no idea how to turn them off. Kids know how to open a door, but don't know how to close it as the winter blizzard blows in. Kids will open the fridge, stand in front of it for 20-minutes trying to decide what they want, then leave the door open letting all the cold escape.

What about a cat? Have you ever heard of training a cat to assist anyone with anything? No, you have not. Rather, cats train humans to assist them. For example, if the house was on fire Declan would wake the old lady, dress her, lead her outside while dialing 911, then drive the dear woman to a hotel and check her in using his own credit cards. Declan is a good boy. The cat, on the other hand, would just roll its eyes in annoyance then slink off looking for a new human to train.

Yes, Declan the wonder dog is worth every bit for the $20,000 reward. Let's hope he finds his way home soon.

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